9 Reasons to Use Instagram for Your Business or Brand Today!


Instagram is a powerful tool of social communication, this mobile-based social app allows companies or brands, or even personals to reach their customers, connections by uploading and editing images that they want! this is what people can characterize their brands and expanding their customer base using Instagram. If done correctly, Instagram can also increase the efficacy of other marketing techniques – which will help your brand to build awareness, brand recognition, traffic, and goodwill. In this context, we’re going to show 9 points and reasons you should use the Instagram or Instagram automation tool for your business or brand from today! 

1) Audiences are there!


You know any business depends on the audience! Most of them are using Instagram right now!

You know what?

According to Statista’s statistics, their user base will surpass 111 million in 2019! and over 500 million users are using Instagram daily having 800 million active users!


So, this is amazing to understand why to use Instagram today!

2) Visualization


Only images are allowed to upload on Instagram! So, your audiences only get and consume images in their feed that comes from you which is kind of photo-centric! This is how Instagram opens the door of visual communication which is the most effective way to interact with your followers or audiences. Because images are faster rememberable than words for the cognitive function of the human brain. As we’re visual creatures, which is why content like photos, videos, and gifs have such great engagement rates.

So, brands, companies, or anyone can use Instagram to make your color, brands, or products rememberable!

3) The power of Hashtags! 


Why are people using hashtags on their posts?

You might have seen the power of using hashtags over on Instagram! Using Hashtags can increase your visibility on Instagram, not on other social platforms! but you have to choose the right one based on your business niche, images, and the messages you want to deliver to your audiences!

4) Customer Engagement!


Your customers are the pillars of your business or your brand end of the day!

So, this is important to hear the voice of your customers in terms of their opinions, comments, feedback, and private messages! Instagram helps you engage with your audience on the social platform, increasing the chance that you can bring customers back for repeat purchases from your Instagram profile!

5) User-Generated Content


UGC means content that your business or brand can able to generate image content from your users.

Your audiences or customers can get the chance to upload their own content by using a specific hashtag under a campaign that you’ve launched! This way your business can able to use its content in terms of customer satisfaction, customers feedback, and create a social buzz in your industry! This type of campaign has the chance to become viral and word-of-mouth marketing!

6) Business Insights:


As a business owner you have to see the overall growth and engagement statistics of your activities, right?

Instagram gives you that opportunity to see who’s following you (insights), once you have at least 100 followers! So, that you can decide on your next marketing campaigns by overlooking your audience insights and other impressions!

7) Story Content Opportunity:


You already might know, that stories are something that people react with! They love to engage with! Instagram has the story option where your business or brand can upload short images or videos!

You know what! What is called this type of story?

Yes, this type of content is called, Ephemeral content which is kind of rich media like images or videos that appears in a temporary mood! Companies and brands get another way to promote their own products or services using the Instagram Story Content option. 



IGTV means Instagram Television, where you can upload videos that your audiences can see later from that option! This is a new space for uploading videos that were introduced by Instagram in June 2018. With IGTV, you can easily add clickable links in video descriptions. Most importantly IGTV has been designed to appeal to younger audiences who favor social media over traditional TV. So why not get some benefits from IGTV?

9) And Finally, Generate Sales (Shoppable Tags)


This is the ultimate demand for any business or brand like yours! Instagram is not only generating engagements but also helps your business to drive sales! This feature is also named as Shoppable Instagram Posts allows brands like yours to sell the stuff. So if you’re a small business owner selling goods, it’s time you take advantage of the latest shoppable Instagram feature, which is available in 46 countries now and your account will get the chance if you’ve 10k+followers over on Instagram!

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