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SaaS has come to the professional world as a crucial tool to make a difference. Software as a service or SaaS has been growing so fast that you can see the change worldwide. So, what SaaS is, and why has it become so significant for companies? For that, let’s explore the SaaS and what roles it puts on the B2B content marketing.

SaaS is a cloud-empowered service that gets you released from downloading any software on your company’s PC or network. Meanwhile, SaaS comes with vast cloud-based resources that allow you to connect data and all kinds of execution online. So, you don’t need to worry about how strong your offline network or PC is. Instead, you can access any data from anywhere via an internet browser.  

It is expected that the idea of SaaS came from an MIT student, John McCarthy, in 1961. He predicted that people would transform and organize all of these computation power into public utility someday. Eventually, as the world got modernized day by day, SaaS matured in the late 90s.  

Through the evolution of technology, a cloud-based software, Salesforce came to the scenario. Soon, the usage of SaaS was started to cultivate in an acceptable range. The evolution shows that almost 73% of business planning includes SaaS to build internal systems to date. So, you can guess how fast-paced movement it has been.

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SaaS Content Marketing

SaaS companies are available in more than 100 countries that indicate the significance in the B2B field. As content marketing or planning comes with B2B in the discussion, let’s dive into it. While B2B SaaS’s growth is undeniable, you need to focus on specialized content marketing for the best outcome. If you want to rely on SaaS for your company, exploring the best insights and getting tips & tricks are vital.

If you think to trade your products and promote your company, which approach should you take? Significantly, new fields such as SaaS plays a crucial role to get dominated by your ideas. So, before reaching out to the SaaS platform, your thoughts need a sustainable outlook unless connecting all the dots is unimaginable. For making your blueprint of ideas successful, an efficient and powerful content marketing plan is undoubtedly significant.

Content is itself a mirror of your whole company. It’s not just some directional starter rather than represents how well you are on reaching your targeted customers and expected goals. You have fewer reliable options for smooth growth and tangible results except content marketing to balance your SaaS brand. Apart from elevating brand awareness, it also helps to keep your brand value higher in the industry.

B2B SaaS content marketing targets

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B2B and SaaS companies should contain their specific goals. Without these targets, you have fewer options to succeed.  

1. Creating brand awareness

You always think out of the box and need to be user-friendly. As you approach the consumers, some vital issues like creating brand value or awareness are very crucial. Contents are not just for displaying, showcasing, or enriching your company’s profile.

Content creating can boost your company up to the market. It builds trustability and reliability. Genuine customers are always looking up for the perfect and best products to purchase.

A standard content or planning must include the top keywords that are related to your company or service. It ensures promoting the company, engaging with potential customers. Besides, it can let them know which are the best suitable product or services for them.

So, the goal of content marketing should include helping customers. As a result, they will see the right path where they can get solutions.

Now, let’s focus on the components by which you can increase brand awareness in this higher competitive market.  

-Produce engaging content

Well, the priority you need to put on your strategy is to produce engaging content. Contacting and getting engaged with your customers is more vital than just producing meaningful content. By increasing brand awareness, better content production plays a crucial role in empowering SEO and online-based awareness.

Search engine optimization in the content can identify what you are trading and who your targeted customers are. Engaged customers are undoubtedly assets for any company as they are 4.6x more interested than others to buy the SaaS product. If you think about how you can engage these customers, then look at some vital approaches.

-operating a blog site of your company continuously

-Displaying the company’s infographics

-Showcasing through YouTube videos, SlideShares, etc.

-Updating on industry news

-Developing trends  


Blogging is another way of increasing web traffic to the website of your company. Though it is a gradual and slow process, it can earn you much significance and popularity. As you need to reach out to your products and services, this time-consuming process will undoubtedly gain you worth of it.

You can use several SEOs via blog posts, and you can add an extra search-based indexing page on the website. Besides, you can integrate social media accounts and insights into your blogging. While you write the blog posts, these are nicely suitable for posting on Facebook, Twitter, or other social platforms.

As a result, you can showcase your company’s insights into these platforms via blogging excuses. As the market has become so open and wider, anyone can trade their products on social platforms. It does not require any money while there is a large number of customers available there. So, don’t waste this opportunity in this modern world.

Also, you can hire a social marketer or specialist who can give reliability. They can be the representative by serving on the social platform.  

2. Educating your customers

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Customer education is another crucial component for keeping your company valuable to them. This education is also an alternative approach to customer training. As a result, it can help users out to understand the insights of your company better.

Besides, they can find the value that you are offering. So, investing in customer education will enlighten your company with some factors. Such as,

-Makes the users understandable to learn the complex products

-Products that need extended support

-Requires users to transform the existing behavior, workflows, etc.

-Products with new features & functionality  

3. Establishing credibility & trust

Without having a successful and stronger relationship with customers, you will fail in the long run. So, this issue is very significant to keep a better and empathetic bonding with them. For that, all you need is to gain their trustability so they can put trust in your company.

Besides showcasing your products and benefits, you need to be interactive. You have to ensure your customers that your employees are trustworthy and always available to fulfill their promises. Maintaining a premium-quality standard, gaining customer satisfaction is very crucial for you.  

-Adopting a custom domain name

A regular or usual domain name does not differentiate any features from another company’s website. Also, it will not bring any uniqueness or attract a customer’s eyes. Besides, creating a customized domain name indicates your passion and professionalism towards the business.

It attracts customers more than the usual domain naming. So, you can try it for a better SaaS marketing plan. Well, some of the companies use subdomains that do not look so professional.

So, this is good to avoid naming such as xyz.wordpress.com or xyz.webflow.com, etc. Moreover, customized domain names don’t require that much cost. After all, this approach defines your company to the users as a symbol of dedication and brand awareness. So, try to invest a portion of money in executing a unique URL.  

-Displaying the number of users you helped out

You may consider it as a minor point though customers from all over the world can attract through it. Well, they always look for trusted and genuine companies. If your company is a newbie in the market, then you will undoubtedly agree that it may cause some obstacles, isn’t it?

So, decently showcasing your company holds an option like this factor. If your enterprise has helped out users in the recent past, just carrying the update regarding these issues. Showcasing these details will be a beneficial step for you to let others know.

As a result, when someone will go through your website, these insights will please them. So, don’t miss to grab this incredible opportunity. Describing these, along with explaining the core value of your company will gain trust and professional connections.

-Bringing out social evidence with partner

Apart from providing the details of how many users get helped, you have to keep plans in the professional fields. When a user explores for a genuine and professional company, he/she expects to see the allies and partners. It indicates how much experience your company holds and how broad your network is.

So, appropriately arranging the website by keeping all the professional records is crucial. It includes a partnership with any company, enterprise, organization, etc. Besides, if your company has any MoU, ongoing projects, notable persons, etc., you can add.

Eventually, these will help your SaaS company to become more famous and trustworthy among the users. It is mandatory to take permissions before using any logo or details of the allies. Besides, they also can upload your company’s overview and details, if you can convince them.  

-Highlighting the press remarks

To widespread your company and get known by thousands, you need to get featured in newspapers, journals, or other electronic media. It holds great power to build your company’s unique position. So, try to reach out to local, national, or international staff reporters, journalists to showcase your services and events. Make it more attractive so that the chances of getting pressed or interviewed will rise exponentially.

-Displaying your achievement

How good your activities are, it will not dominate enough without any recognition. Getting any remarks, awards, or any kind of achievement will bring your confidence towards users. So, try to captivate this opportunity by showing others how efficient and significant your company is.  

4. Lead generation

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To gain more and more customers on your network, it is almost impossible without generating leads. Besides, middle-of-the-funnel or MOFu marketing is a savior in this field. You can gain positive insights to generate leads, such as providing free, high-quality content, nourish leads, etc.

Following a path that contains creating high-value content is an initial approach. Then, integrating with other products, offering an attractive free trial that generates more leads for you. Besides, hosting daily webinars, live sessions will keep the users aware of your company.

Also, try not to stop the optimization of the conversion rate. In these processes, you will soon find out the increasing number of generating leads has popped up.

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SaaS Marketing Plan

So, let’s focus on which are the requirements to put in your SaaS marketing plan.  

1. Determine Your SaaS Marketing Targets

For any company, overall growth depends on setting some key targets. So, the first step is to determine some goals for your SaaS marketing plan. So, what differences can a goal make?

It indicates which are the requirements for upcoming days. On that basis, you will have a clear vision to execute all of the marketing plans. Apart from having a blueprint, your goals can accelerate SaaS to know how all of your marketing assets will work together.

Besides, you need to set up attainable and feasible goals unless there will be uncertain issues. Goals along with time-boundness and realism, SaaS can help you out in reaching the targets. If you want to know the destinations, you can put them in your list precisely, well, there are no accurate answers.

Some significant factors, such as lead generation, revenue generation, pipeline marketing, etc., are commonly suitable for its goals.

Measuring the integral goals for your marketing team requires identifying your revenue growth goals. Besides, you have to look at the historical pieces of information on your funnel conversion rate metrics. As a result, you can define how many leads you require to generate from every funnel. Moreover, you can predict how much website-based traffic your company will need to reach the goals.  

2. Prepare SaaS Marketing Budget

As long as you have specific goals in your head, your company’s situation is quite good. But in this competitive world, nothing is easy without a fair amount of budget. So, it’s high time to prepare your all possible expenditure.

Alternatively, it is also a factor to think about how much you can afford to reach out your goals. In general, a marketing budget allows up to 40% of the forecasted annual revenue. Succeeded companies have a range of 80 to 120% of the gains in the marketing sector.

Simultaneously, these may sound like a costly project, and it’s not like that in reality. When you are getting enough capital in return, you have to admire this useful approach. As you work out the budget planning, you need to determine how much particular tactics will cost your projects.

Besides, sorting the projects out is also vital that shows a clear picture on which you should target first. Before executing your budget plan, you should prioritize which strategies you will use. These pre-planned approaches will mitigate all of the possibilities of unforeseen costs.  

3. Progressing SaaS Marketing Tactics and Strategies


Great! You have accomplished now the significant steps initially. Now, it’s time to develop your tactics. For this vast and enriching portion of marketing steps, let’s try to get closer to your potential buyers. The characteristics your customers show is a very demanding fact to progress on it.

So, before developing your unique and creative ideas into reality, you must have known whom you are targeting. Buyer’s characteristics will indicate how you can find them out, what they want, and the reasons behind your product’s demands. These demographics help the professionals to connect with the buyers fast and build their trust in your company.

In the meantime, you may search for any particular components of communication strategy that need a change or revolution of thoughts. For SaaS companies, inbound marketing is equally significant to develop the contents by which buyers’ requirements are lying. As a result, reaching potential customers is possible in just a matter of time.

In addition to that, you can start with blogging too. It will provide low-cost content that is cost-effective tactics enough for you.  

4. Decoding SaaS Metrics

Well, if you think that your duty has been completed after developing the SaaS metrics, then you are wrong. After that, you can expect customers to come over. Even if they pay a visit, will it be beneficial for your company?

These are extremely crucial that can dominate your success or failure of the marketing plan. But first, all you need is to decode or sort out the SaaS metrics. There are some significant SaaS metrics available to track.  

These are such as,

-Churn Rate

Churn rate or customer churn is a business metric that indicates the number of customers who have stopped operating a business with a product. So, you will find the exact percentage of subscribers who leave their subscriptions at a specific time.  

-Net Monthly Recurring Revenue Churn Rate

You can measure this rate by subtracting the expansion of monthly recurring revenue (MRR) from the churn monthly recurring revenue (MRR). Next to it, divide the result by the overall monthly recurring revenue (MRR) monthly. Finally, bring out the percentage of the result.  

-Expansion Monthly Recurring Revenue Rate

To measure the number of additional or extra revenue from the existing customers, here comes the expansion MRR rate.  

-Gross Monthly Recurring Revenue Churn Rate

This churn rate is the percentage of monthly revenue lost due to cancellation from the subscription or downgraded themselves. It calculates the loss of your enterprise relatively via the subtraction of expansion MRR.

-Average Revenue Per Account

This revenue per account or user is average revenue. It indicates the generated revenue in each year or month by a single account. As a result, you will get a clear idea of your revenue-generating capability to reach the goals.

-Lead Velocity Rate

Subtracting the number of qualified leads of the previous month from the current month is the first step of the lead velocity rate. Then, divide it by the number of qualified leads from last month. Finally, get the percentage so that you will have the lead velocity rate.

-Customer Lifetime Value

As a paying consumer or user, how much worth a customer will produce to your company is a concern of customer lifetime value.

-Customer Acquisition Cost

CAC is the total cost of marketing and sales attempts, required to obtain a customer. So, this factor can indicate if your company has got a viable business model or not.


As you see how much importance the SaaS plan carries, it will be a beneficial step for any company to follow. From generating leads to maintaining the websites, all of the small issues are also included in this planning. Meanwhile, having a standard content marketing strategy need no complications.

The more you operate this planning nicely, the more your company claims a successful run soon. As the chance of generating revenue increases, the content marketing plan is more accurate in your B2B SaaS company.