Instagram Marketing Tips For your Small Business!


For any business, marketing strategies play vital roles in growth. In this technological era, online marketing has become an inseparable part of business, creating a bridge between service providers and customers or consumers.

Instagram nowadays is not just a platform for sharing funny and informal pictures but also an important hub to showcase your product and the potential that your business has. A statistic shows Instagram is the social channel with the second-highest ROI (return on investment) among marketers, according to HubSpot. So, you can now have a better understanding of how influencing and dominating Instagram is.


Things are always challenging for entrepreneurs, especially those who are starting a small business carrying less capital. Well, it’s required some online marketing strategies, more precisely a digital path to follow on. Because of the sober competitive environment, you always need some unique and effective footways to present your products or services.

So, start considering your Instagram marketing for your small business while professionally starting online marketing. According to Statista, 1082 million users are actively using Instagram worldwide, which puts Instagram in 5th place among the social media platforms as of July 2020. That’s why online marketing has been divided into many platforms. Each of these platforms has its strategies and tools for the engagements and other stuff. Let’s get deeper into it.

Creating a business account


First and foremost, you can create a business account or switch your account to a business profile. The business account makes your business approach more comfortable and more accessible.

You have the right to use analytic tools there. Also, you don’t need to use Facebook advertising tools while managing the Instagram business accounts. It is beneficial for customers looking for your business contact information and can easily find out. It also allows you to create and publish Instagram ads.

Take advantages of analytic tools


Like Facebook, YouTube, or other platforms, Instagram also gives access to view all of the insights related to your posts. Every reach-out of your post provides a detailed-look with on how your page is engaging to audiences. So, if you have a specific and targeted audience, then these tools are vital to look on. There are all kinds of demographics of your followers, post-performance, etc. There are different tools out there to help you to schedule your contents! How? Don’t hesitate to check out this content- 5 Awesome Instagram Scheduling Tools for 2019 to Know!

Product teaser for engagements


We can understand your situation if you are new at something like online marketing. Being fresher is a widespread phenomenon for small entrepreneurs at the beginning stage. Meanwhile, you will need more audiences for your product engagements. For this, make a schedule, maintain it smartly and upload your posts on time.

Customers like to get discounts on their desired products. For that, modify your posts, focus on discounts or other offers. Usually, people do buy by getting attracted to these activities. So, being a pre-planned and well-customized direction is far better than being so pushy. That’s why it is better to avoid pushing customers rather than sticking to plan.

Determining the targeted audience


This tool is also an indispensable requirement for keeping your business in the right direction. Small business majorly depends on how the initial responses coming from the audience are. Fixing your targeted audience is not a choice rather than a mandatory task to maintain. If your service is about teenagers or youth, then try to gain that customer base on your Instagram Network.

According to Statista, 35% of global Instagram audiences are between 25 to 34 years old. It’s just a number showing how effective your business can be if you choose this base. But first, try to understand which age range of audience will buy your product. Then fix your audience for Instagram marketing according to that. The targeted market also depends on the audience’s psychographic, behavioral, geographical information, etc.

Take advantages of Instagram stories


Instagram added many user-friendly and super exciting features like stories, Instagram TV, etc. Adding information is a nicely engaging medium for your Instagram marketing. It’s a genuine audience-focused feature that can reach people instantly. It let you upload multiple pictures and videos, allowing for 24 hours to display. It presents your company’s current situation and upcoming offers, features, etc., that engages the audience subconsciously. That’s why you need to try it.

Focusing on the impression of your page


Professionally building your page is a vital requirement. When the users visit your page, what they will see is needed to determine by you. Because the first impression of your page puts out many things, so which lines are appropriate for your page bio, decide it wisely.

Instagram allows almost 150 characters to complete your short biography. So, you can see how short length it is. Acknowledging this, make an attractive bio with fewer words. Uploading your business logo as a profile picture is a suitable choice. What is the motto and vision of your business? Those should appear in the bio. That is how the audience will have a clear concept of your business.

Run sponsored ad


To reach your target audiences even more nicely, sponsoring advertisement is undoubtedly a practical option. Even with all the efforts, the situation can be so difficult to gain organic customers for small businesses. The posts you are uploading will appear to them who are following your page. But that is not the only way to reach your desired goals.

In Instagram marketing, you will find multiple types of ads that can help you in boosting. There are photos, videos, carousel or dynamic ads, stories, etc. Before sponsoring, mark your most viewed or engaged posts so that content can engage and appeal to your target demographics. Ads help you to promote your photos, videos, stories to anyone that fits your target audience.

Upload post regularly


Without maintaining post-management, you may face challenges in reaching out to others. Your audiences like to hear from your end. So, keep posting on a gentle basis. Besides, this is a gentle approach neither flooding the audience’s timeline nor appearing after a long break. Both are the inconvenient way to make engagements. It is better not to post more than one content per day.

Some research shows that top brands usually post their content 1.5 per day on average. Statistically, they publish almost 10 to 11 posts per week. If you need to make multiple posts per day in urgency, then fix a few contents to upload as a post. You can upload the stories section for the rest of the contents.

Avoid being a traditional promoter


Traditional promotion is vital for business. But as you are on the digital platform, keep trying to be humorous and funny. Online marketing does not mean everything you post that should be about product promotion. It annoys the audience and ends up having the opposite effect of what you are expecting.

So, you can post sometime about the big news of the country or world, current incidents of your business field. Also, it is better not to post regarding any political or controversial issues.

Go with live feature/IGTV


Instagram has a live feature just like Facebook, YouTube, etc. Going live is a tremendous opportunity to connect with your audience instantly. It is a real-life experience. You may predict how satisfied your audiences are with your product during the live video. You can talk about your upcoming products or cleverly display some of them. It helps you reach out to more people. Also, you must handle the instant comments of them, read them, and make gentle responses. It expects you to reply to almost every word as you are operating a small business.

There are endless opportunities in the live feature. You can demonstrate your products and give a short insight into your business or introduce some of your employees.

Instagram launched IGTV, a feature for vertical videos in a larger form. It has a separate application available on the App Store and Google Play. IGTV allows users to share live video content. A data shows 28% of video marketers plan to include IGTV in their video marketing strategy of 2020, according to Wyzowl. So, IGTV is a suitable medium for your marketing plans too. You can utilize this feature in the long run.

Build a partnership with Instagram influencers


There are growing up many influencer-communities like YouTubers on every digital platform. You can collaborate with the influencers who have their followers and understand Instagram well. An influencer presents a product on their style and legacy. According to, around 78% of brand collaborations with influencers happen on Instagram.

So, we can see that social influencer strategies are useful in many aspects to promote brands. Many people like to follow the recommendation of influencers. So, this trustability you can use for small businesses. Through this collaboration, your business and influencers can grow up as well. It drives your sale faster, and there is a change that many followers will visit your page. As per your small business, this is better to look for influencers having 10-30k followers.

Use effective hashtags


We all often use hashtags on social platforms. But hashtags are more effective on Twitter and Instagram. Before uploading, decide some keywords that are most relevant to your post and indicate your business niche. That is how you can boost your product more nicely towards your audience. People usually search for many things on their social search bar. Hashtag magnets your post and pushes it to the audience feed. Also, flooding your posts with numerous hashtags impacts negatively. So, sticking hashtags on around 10 or 15 is the right choice. Try to be specific on choosing hashtags and avoid making significant lines.

Engaged with competitor-followers


You must focus on how your competitors are approaching their audience and managing to reach them faster. If you are new at online marketing and your competitors are having a significant number of followers, do not get worried about it. It shows the considerable number of audiences is interested in your business niche. So, try all the marketing strategies to make those audiences convert into your follower. Make a list of competitors who are active on Instagram. Try to identify their system behind making big followers and apply it in your style. Besides, you can approach to bring new followers by visiting their account and following them.

Run giveaways


Exciting win prizes and giveaways are cool stuff for reaching out to people. This is a smart way for engagements. Also, running some quiz contests regarding your business niche can bring many audiences to your track. Suppose you can announce for “mentioning challenge” where the audience is requested to mention their friend’s account on your desired post by how they will get exciting offer prizes by purchasing your product.

Make direct messages (DM)


Do not afraid to send your follower a direct message until it is irrelevant. If you see your customers making a positive review of your products, then do not forget to message them directly and let them know that you are thankful. This attire builds a personal and one-to-one relationship. Even anyone makes a negative comment under your post, try to understand by messaging them for which service they get upset.

Focus on content marketing


This marketing form is an absolute choice in making your audiences more engaged and closer to your business. In a string together, content marketing displays how you should create content, publish, and distribute it to the targeted audience. There are ample resources available on the internet about content marketing. Watch YouTube, search on Google, and do some of the free online courses for a better overview of it.

Maintain uniqueness in content


The audience gets annoyed sometimes by seeing the same content on different social platforms of a brand. Try to bring a different taste on every platform. If the audience engages with your content on Facebook or Twitter, they will lose interest in the same thing on Instagram. So create amazing content today!

Last words:

So, these are frequent and fundamental tips while trying to build a smart and effective Instagram marketing strategy for your small business. There always requires assiduous trying and patience to hit the target in the beginning phase. Digital mediums are frequently transforming and updating. Being a learner, you can mechanize what you should do next.

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