Public Relations (PR)


Marketing comes with an endless scope of integrating your business to showcase throughout all over the world. Meanwhile, public relations is another new term in comparison to marketing, it’s an organic and gradual way of communicating your targeted customers, making a solid bridge while using different strategies in your business fields. Well, all of these activities, criteria, are not a single-handed task to do. 

Even your marketing & PR team may find it complex or unable to fulfill all of these concerns. By the time, the business has been digitalized and many new terms have popped up where you can not be the ‘Jack of all trades, can you? But no worries, there are a lot of companies that have been organized and grown for the sake of your required help. Today, we will dig out the topmost agencies based on PR & marketing in UAE. 

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Great Minds Communications

Coming with a high-profile and energetic team, Great Minds Communications has brought a large involvement in transforming the marketing & public relations prospects. Besides, it is one of the fastest-growing companies in an advanced nation like the UAE. But how it has been come up so far? Let’s try to find. 

Brief of GMC

Having an expert team with limitless potential can bring endless opportunities for any company undoubtedly. This brand has started its journey by providing creative and potential storytelling, creating meaningful and long-lasting relations between you and the targeted audience.

Targetting your audience and keeping them attracted to your network is their first and foremost action. They try to research your information and then start matching with the best possible clients or audiences. As a result, it helps to create a common platform between two sides in exchanging proper value. 

Besides, you will have then measurable and collective results through these approaches. Well, they have a committed working team that can work relentlessly in searching for your best-matched audience. Don’t you like to get the right audience base and get heard from those people? 

Surely, you would love it, isn’t it? Well, they contain a good infrastructure in the field of mindful public relations, cognitive social media, and other platform-based strategies or even sensational marketing approaches, etc. These are the major pillars of this brand that keeps them motivated to serve your business.


Very few top-tier PR & marketing agencies are compatible that has the ability in combining these three components. In the meantime, you will get here the mixture of these components, so is not the brand effective enough?

Generating positive and constructive media coverages along with gaining exposure, all are their high expertise. Besides, what are you thinking as a professional, what future you should chase for, all of the chances, predictions, targets, etc., are the biggest area of their thinking process. As a result, your business can go one step ahead always than the competitors. Meanwhile, all of you can trace the targeted branding activities, events, strategic-based media relations, sturdy editorial calendar, etc., through them. 

Key Activities of Marketing

Well, to let you know the summed activities of them in a nutshell, then there comes marketing and well-researched communication planning and fruitful strategies first of all. Besides, there are several top and middle-tier companies that require a lot of PR and marketing strategies for their future and well-driven business prospects. 

Performing result-driven operations by utilizing a mixture of different types of marketing tools. On different occasions, these tools to be applied are the requirements of different clients. So, what prolongs the benefit it brings is, having good preparation for future risks and challenges. 

The analytical researchers and experts from their team come with creative, calculative, and data-driven results that make your business grow faster. Besides, having an exceptional engagement along with insightful marketing plans, it always requires having a tangible solution unless things may stay the same as previous. Considering these reasons, GMC has become one of the insightful PR and marketing agencies inside the UAE.

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Elements of GMC Marketing 

1. Preparing strategies

Well, before any executions or actions, it is highly preferable to have a proper blueprint of what you are going to do. As there is a co-operator such as an agency involved with your company, it is needed the collaboration of planning. As a result, working speed will be much better while you will have enough space to think broader. 

Well, to do your brand’s marketing strategy, initially based on the deep research. How much you have invested in these will show the output. So, let your agency know that who are the biggest competitors, which are the biggest challenges, etc. This type of proper guideline is achievable in Great Minds Communications too. They are committed to getting all of your data and relevant information. 

Most importantly, let them know what is target market so that they can approach on targeted that. Besides, they do their best in connecting the new and existing consumers by providing tailored texts. As a result, it helps those audience base to find your business easily so that they can get attracted to your business objectives. 

2. Providing communication plans

A well-organized and data-driven approach to communication planning is very vital while promoting your business. As every client gets tensed regarding a better outreach, the GMC team empowers them by taking their products, services, etc., to the right place and right persons. 

As a result, you have the best satisfaction with them as you are getting reached the desired audience base. Besides, they also maintain to upload or showcase the services in the right online platform as there can arise confusion on the plot for having several unorganized and irrelevant online platforms. 

3. Amplifying brand identity

Just like a creative brand logo can say a lot of words, your brand or company will represent what you say or what you want to deliver among people. But the problem we perhaps face is the lack of having a brand identity. As a result, you can not ever claim the business a popular or user-beloved one. 

To do so, several tricks, strategies are needed to implement. As human psychology can memorize attractive, lucrative things for a long time, you have to serve something special and new which can click on their minds. GMC can guide you throughout the journey on how it can be made better and user-attractive. 

4. Social Media

How can you avoid social media while utilizing public relations? Absolutely, no way to consider! As social media marketing has become popular and trendy to reach more customers, grabbing this opportunity is such a value-creator of time. 

Getting active in social media is super easy and available so that you can reach the targeted audience anytime you want. In the same way with great purpose, GMC can captivate the opportunity in your favor. Besides, they provide clients brief planning on content making, web design, SEO marketing, email marketing, and so on. 

GMC believes in an organic approach online that can result in your business growing naturally while having a lot of user engagement. As a result, you can find out the proper balance of organic reach and paid activity. It helps in building proper online brand advocacy.

GMC Public Relations

Enough of marketing? Well, do explore its public relations field which is also a promising place where there are several components obtainable for the clients. What specialty and why you should hire their PR services, have not come to your mind? If yes, then let’s explore a bit.

Coming with a public relations sector is meant to be much more experimental as each day new things, trends, and strategies are popping up out of it. But what you prefer or expect from a professional PR service provider is just as exact as this brand’s activities. They have built made-to-measure public relations plans just for you. 

Meanwhile, do not worry if these will suit your business or not. You have the freedom to run with them with your preference what we call- customization. What goals or targets should pop up first or should need to execute first while you are working with a PR agency? 

I think, there can be thousands of answers. But who knows his/her business well, should go first to describe the proper aspects along with the targets, goals, and other planning to the hired agency. So, it requires a preferable melting point where both sides will share their ideas, give a brief, and then comes regarding what you need to achieve, aren’t there? 

Key Activities of their Public Relations

As public relations can be much complicated in some cases, patience is the key. Besides, you can not expect to get an instant or frequent result. Moreover, the more intense thing is to keep up a good relationship with your targeted audience. 

It will deliver you several positive feedbacks in near future surely. Besides, keeping you busy and engaged in organizing media coverages, liaising with social or television, news media along with calculating the reach. GMC also has proper planning from the initial point to the last. 

Keep believing in mindful interactions is their strength. A robust public relations campaign or event requires not only grabbing attention but also getting interaction. Concerning it in mind, they are in the middle-way to gaining long-term value for your business. 

As depending on public relations management mostly brings much prosperity along with success for almost all of the companies, its demand has been going up like skyscrapers. Inside of every PR strategy, there lie several tools that can make your business regaining and settled. 

Besides, having a proper brand image is in your bucket is another positive aspect. GMC has been providing this brand of image and helps in regaining the recognition along with establishment, popularity since its foundation. 

1. Brand awareness

First of all, they will walk you through brand awareness where you have to consider several key aspects such as,

  • Media relations
  • Analyst relations
  • Community management
  • Media monitoring
  • Influencer-based marketing 
  • Paid search
  • Media acknowledgment
  • Award submission
  • Website strategy
  • Social listening

2. Employee communications

Without having a sturdy bond among employees, you can not expect a better business from your side. Increasing productivity along with having a strong unity of them can make your business activities more accelerated and furnished. GMC builds a nice environment inside of your office or business that reflects how broader the employee’s scopes are, how freely they can share their feedback, etc. 

So, before moving your concentration to public-based relations, ensure these components which do balance everything related to your business. GMC brings the expertise that can guide you how, where and when you should approach for intense communication with your team and which steps can bring you success as team participation. 

3. Crisis management

Running a company or business is not always a bed of roses. You perhaps will get into complex situations, fall into trouble. As these are the potential threats, they can arrive anytime, all of a sudden. So, equipping yourself and your team with the appropriate skills is mandatory if you want to face these successfully. 

That is why risk and crisis management can save you disgust situations that can set you free from several troubles. As these risks you can not mitigate fully, your business requires to be threat aware. GMC also can provide you the necessary management controls so that you can cope up with new and different complex issues. 

These are not the end of their activities for public relations. Besides, you will get here how to initiate brand strategies, how to gain corporate reputations, etc. Meanwhile, they will show you how to organize media training, and having communication diagnostics.


The UAE has been developed so faster that amazes the whole world. While there are endless opportunities in every sector of business, marketing and PR also has been captivated nicely through top-tier companies. Great Minds Communications is just another top and fastest-growing agency among all countless companies of entire the UAE. 

A marketing & PR agency, that focuses on not only gaining traffic or increasing outreach but also it can empower your company to transform into whole 360 degrees. Its expert team combined from all over the world can make you eligible to fight against other competitors while keeping your business sustainable and feasible in the long run indeed.