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Better growth of your startup depends on some immediate approaches in action. Public Relations comes to the point with its higher potential in delivering you the best services. Besides, you may find several benefits that you could not fix via advertising or other relevant attractive processes. 

It’s a dedicated process that will promote your business via some interesting steps such as journal, press release, media coverage, etc. Meanwhile, it can solely push you to get featured on different online and traditional media platforms.

Moreover, what a PR agency can do is to promote your overview and showcase to others, collect and distribute the press releases along with producing many more speeches, events, etc. 

Besides, you may need to have a market research conduction that a PR agency will undoubtedly welcome and grant. In a nutshell, what you are trying to do for your best interest of the company, an agency can make it up while analyzing all types of data that lessen your workloads.

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Edelman is a renowned brand for your tech-based startup. This company has brought itself to a higher level while providing the best features that you rarely find in the London-based public relations agencies. Coming as a global communicative firm that focuses on your business, believes in helping you throughout your gradual growth. 

Besides, you will get all of the necessary steps in extending the reputation level along with promoting, evolving, and showcasing your service via Edelman. They are working with more than 6 thousand human forces while operating more than 60 centers that offer you operational, communication strategy, and lead towards your success rate.

As a client, you will get the opportunity to earn long-lasting relationships and trust with the stakeholders and other partners. It comes with sturdy ideas along with providing frequently impact-based movements.

Since its foundation in 1952, it has been grown as an independent company that serves the business aspects. Besides, getting several prestigious awards has put great value on this company.

Meanwhile, you will not regret while working with them as they have served many prestigious and world-known brands.


Coming with 20 years of vast experience, Hotwire is one of the finest and fastest-growing companies in the world. It brings igniting and efficient actions to serve clients better. As they are vastly experienced with technology and the current business world, they can make your business growth more accelerating within a shorter period. So, while you need the communication with the public, audience, etc., the most along with digital marketing, branding; Hotwire can be the best-suited option for you.

Meanwhile, you will get nonstop 24/7 support from their consultancy department which is a user-friendly trait. They believe in giving your company limitless success within a short time. Besides, they empower with three broader pillars, that are:

1. Building a good business relationship

For igniting the possibilities and bringing every possible chance to your hand, they have created a sturdier environment that can push your business ahead. Meanwhile, they hold the best employee experience in their environment.

2. Connecting bridge in every possible sense

The broader and globally connected network of them can add different cultures, ideas, expertise, mentoring, etc., to accelerate your business growth. Meanwhile, we are seeing a tough and competitive market out there which can make our activities and marketing tougher. 

To mitigate these issues, Hotwire comes with the best possible tech-based solutions that are full of sustainability along with endless possibilities.

3. Providing a unique consultancy service

Their data-driven approach along with other strategies are nicely suited to your business profit. Besides, you are always welcomed in making any decisions through getting their specialized and dedicated consultancy. 

Meanwhile, you will be more benefitted through their continuous support. As a result, it gains value to your company which reflects nicely in the market competition.


Brands2Life is another giant company in the PR world. As your company may need various kinds of unique approaches that have not been seen yet, Brands2Life can put a massive impact here. It comes with greater strength to serve you better. Besides, they claim the PR-based activities as a passion as well as focusing business growth and connecting more people to your network. 

Those people who are dedicated to transforming others’ lives along with a greater mission are the employees of it. Meanwhile, several top tech-based startups, specially mid-ranged and small in size, can be the most beneficial part of it. As it has the power to deliver strong and exceptional creativity along with better growth, you will have a better result while collaborating with it. 

Besides, its PR program comes with multi-functional, several channel-based campaigning. Moreover, they mainly operate their activities in San Francisco and London. Their in-depth experience along with advanced technology and research can make any business better-shaped. Meanwhile, you will get the best results if you are in AI, fintech, medical engineering, and other tech-based fields. 

Also, they have expanded their services into other business fields such as financial service, healthcare, retailing, etc. In the meantime, people do care about trust issues, don’t they? For this, you can also get clarified from this company. Because they have been named as the best agency of the year by PRWeek and PRCA. So, if you are a professional from the below fields, then it is the suitable one for your business’ PR. 




-Health & Well-being


-Digital & Social



-Public Affairs



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Piabo has been working since its foundation in 2006. Tilo Bonow is the founder of this leading company in the world. This German-based startup comes with maintaining several relationships between consumers and business owners. They hold the expertise mainly in 4 specific fields, that are:

-Public relations

-Content marketing

-Social media

-Influencer Relations

Meanwhile, they have gained an exceptional media appearance as a reward for serving their customers better. Besides, it is highly preferable for technology-powered areas. Moreover, you will find the flexibility of utilizing the services if you are from travel tech, e-commerce, HR-tech, blockchain, artificial intelligence, augmented/ virtual reality, big data, SaaS, etc., based fields.

With the motto of “Let’s drive your success story!”, this company has been supporting several top and small startups in each level of PR-based complexity. They come with brand new, expert, and communicative specialists who can transform your business into the innovation of new things. Meanwhile, you will get an optimal chance of getting closer to your targeted people. 

They help frequently your business strategy while researching all of the aspects that you need to grow and develop. Besides, they will showcase your idea, presentation, company’s overview to other people for having media coverage, press releases, events, etc. What they are doing is to transform and evolve innovation while transforming it into tangible stories, gateways for people. 

Working with their creative team along with experiencing PR-based campaigns, they are capable of stimulating the journalistic interest in different media platforms. Besides, you will get perfect directions in finding out the best-fitted people who are helpful for your business growth. So, this Berlin-based PR partner can be your best companion in the long run.


As it comes with a modern and advanced communication system, you will witness Highwire. It is mainly infrastructured for disruption-based startups. Meanwhile, they inherit a prolonged history and culture of journalism and media awareness. 

Besides, it can help you to have meaningful and effective business growth. All of these you will get through their smart and advanced communication modules. Moreover, this public relations agency empowers from the top renowned brands to mid-range and even small startups too. 

After a decade of its foundation, it has become a successful one that delivers integrated, creative, etc., based PR functions along with an advanced technological environment. They have articulated their services and other functionalities better and more improvised. It includes digital consultancy, deep research, networking, etc. 

Meanwhile, they are dedicated to continuing the existing programs that undoubtedly put values in. As a result, you will see a whole another scenario that can transform your approach into a better one through them. Coming with a better vision like they will bring all the traditional approaches in your hand along with a smart and modern touch. 

But it’s the same as old but they have put into it something valuable and impactful. Meanwhile, they immerse their experts to reshape your business while focusing to mitigate the bigger risks, challenges. Besides, what you can face daily has got clear and visionary solutions from this tech-based PR agency.


If you are still thinking if you need it; we must say, yes, you do! A PR agency comes with a manner of managing brand reputation while it brings much more necessary tools and aspects too. Promoting brand values, strengthening community-based relationships, or even accelerating your business opportunity, all aspects will require this component- PR. 

This lifesaving team has the potential in gaining your online presence better and more connected. In a nutshell, you can expect more in other solution providers than what a PR does, do you?