SaaS Growth


SaaS or software as a service is mainly a procedure of software delivery that permits tracing data and relevant information. As a result, you can access your required data literally from any device and anywhere around the world. It requires only having a good internet connection along with a web browser. That is it, you are about to set up for your targets. So, you can consider it as a web-empowered system that has been made up through an application where software vendors host and maintain databases, codes inside of it.

As a result, this cloud-based model is so familiar that around 60% of software enthusiasts want it rather than asking for on-premise software. So, what actually makes it different from on-premise software? Well, let’s find out deeper. 

SaaS Business Model

Building a standard model for a SaaS business is required to be unique. Enterprises such as Slack, Zoom, Salesforce are the biggest names that have been reshaped through SaaS marketing strategies. SaaS is mainly a delivery-operated model that works for software. Meanwhile, it is centrally situated and works as cloud-oriented software. 

SaaS business model has captivated the overall market that more than 50% of companies are currently running their business operations through. Besides, you will find almost 38% of those are exclusively operated on SaaS-based platforms.

Besides, SaaS applications are often accessible through a web-based interface, mobile apps, and desktops too. People often hold a sturdy and effective online tool at the sale for a recurring fee. As a result, SaaS-based businesses are benefitted from recurring income or revenue. On the other hand, SaaS can be a little bit difficult to understand for any neophyte company. But its revenue cycle and profitable nature have kept most of the companies.

SaaS Business Model’s Pros and Cons

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Pros of a SaaS Model

1. Speedy growth

Initially in the market, if you want to sustain your company along with securing funds, then the SaaS model keeps a big role. Through a SaaS model, you have broader scopes to grow on a larger scale. Meanwhile, turning it into a million-dollar valuation is much possible for a SaaS-based enterprise as it can make these happen quickly.

2. Comfort in deployment

In this faster and advanced world, tortoise-paced things have less scope. Meanwhile, SaaS totally stays in the cloud server so that it makes your operations much quicker. There will be lesser issues in fixing any product. Besides, it is always special and frequent to serve your products virtually from anywhere within a shorter time.

3. Anticipated revenue

As you have built a subscription-based module so that you will have a better and clear idea of how much you can income through your business. Meanwhile, customers have to pay a certain amount of money on a monthly, annual, etc., basis. So, there is no seasonality in your subscription model that makes a stable revenue cycle all over the year. On the other hand, most of the other business models do not hold this type of subscriptions that result in less anticipation or prediction of revenue.

Cons of a SaaS Model
1. Eminent risk

Growing fast has also a risk of failing fast. So, as you have decided to go with the SaaS method, you require to take on much capital along with ascending frequently. These approaches can offer your company rewards. On the other hand, if having any changes or transformation inside the market, you may fall behind. So, preparing to take risks is highly necessary as you can get crushed or destroyed overnight. 

2. Churn

If you are thinking the predictive nature of having revenue in a SaaS model is enough or riskless for your business, then you are highly wrong. Let’s say, you are witnessing a shorter combination or operation of events per year. As a result, you may find a lot of people have rejected or got away from having your subscriptions. It is known as churn. Several companies could not manage to bounce back due to this immense shift and loss over time.

3. Upfront costs

It is always tougher to manage the capital along with enforcing manpower to build your business due to insecure funding. You may find less profit in the first couple of years which can make your business model harder. Meanwhile, paying the cost of CAC, all the teams, infrastructure, etc., will make it tougher for you to handle.

SaaS Companies

Those companies that are operated through SaaS software, have a unique approach of execution along with strategies. SaaS software can be owned and operated by more than one provider, all of the activities remotely. Meanwhile, SaaS enterprises have the duty of maintaining servers along with other databases, software. As a result, it brings your product for the usage purpose of users available on the internet. In the meantime, any user can access and browse the software from any device they want to. But for that, users have to pay a recurring fee for getting access. 

Some conventional types of SaaS co-operations such as,

  1. User resource management, which offers you to handle your clients and users list, information along with tracking sales. 
  2. Accounting & invoice that also focuses on billing and inventory-based services.
  3. Project Supervision that supports team members to communicate projects.
  4. Web Hosting and eCommerce & Web host which server type can remotely manage the online appearance of enterprises. 
  5. Human Resources type, that can track the records of employee operations and engagements along with hiring procedure, payrolls, etc. 
  6. The data operation type, that can facilitate data research along with protecting business information.

Periods of a SaaS Business

There are generally three key stages available inside any SaaS business. Let’s have this guide to see which pillars are inserted while you are going through a SaaS-based business. Initially, you will find a startup stage where all things start new and fresh with taking many risks and opportunities too. Besides, there comes the next growth stage along with the stability period. Well, let’s get these deeply. 

  1. Startup Phase

Before launching a product or even getting introduced to the market, engaged with the audience, this period is always a challenging part of any SaaS or even every other business. You have to do a lot of calculations, analysis, research, etc.

  1. Hypergrowth Phase

The hyper-growth stage, a place to boom or get learned to improve. The way you have approached throughout your initial journey will get a glimpse in total in this hypergrowth section. If people like your products back, there are several ways to get boosted. If you can pick an immense amount of demand from them, then growth will be accelerated. Meanwhile, you will require expanding your business in data, bandwidth, overall support, etc. 

  1. Stable Golden Goose Phase

While your business has leveled out, you are in a stable golden period. As you are running with a healthy profit and good revenue margin, you may have also acquired new customers. Meanwhile, with the rapid rate of gaining customers, using your products, you may get introduced with the term, ‘churn’. A churn is an estimation rate of how many people seem stopping to use your product. 

While you are serving several subscription offers or packages, it is obvious that you can hold each of the current subscribers in the future. Churn rate can help you to get alert and keep the flow up. Several SaaS products from different brands and businesses do often get failed in hyper-growth due to managing failure and inability. You can always hire a SaaS agency to look after this period with much sincerity. 

SaaS marketing

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The reason behind the fruitfulness and efficiency of SaaS is, we are going ahead to higher internet accessibility while globalization has turned out. These impacts along with the digital and technology-based dependency of our society have been making it stable and reliable for the future. All of these are the driving factors of having a bigger growth streak of SaaS, aren’t they? Besides, SaaS has been projected to hit more than 600 billion USD within a couple of years.

While selecting the best-fitted SaaS marketing agency for your business, you have to go through a lot of challenges. Some focusing points such as,

  1. Defining your asking means what your top priority and objectives are. 
  2. Consider if you are looking for full-time service or expertise. It will define if you are interested in outbound & inbound marketing and fractional CMO. Besides, a fractional CMO represents a marketing expert who can help you out with the needed acquisition, business growth, and sales improvement.
  3. Share what your budget is and if you are exploring any pay-for-performance model or not.
  4. What is the current situation and what profitability the marketing department of your business is bringing?

The demand for SaaS marketing

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We all know anything related to fast-paced growth requires top-quality marketing. Besides, where things like marketing have many demands, you can not ignore or underestimate it for the long run. SaaS marketing is not so old in the business industry though we have also seen several top companies are utilizing it since their foundation. 

Meanwhile, there are countless possibilities out of each complex situation for any SaaS company. To hold your company’s smooth growth, you have to follow a solid marketing strategy. As a result, it will bring you awareness of what you are going to do while providing leads. So, let’s try to differentiate your products or services, and tell people why it is a unique and best deal for customers. As you can not do all of that by your entire team, it definitely requires a SaaS expert team or agency that will push you to reach that level.

SaaS marketing agency


Just like other business-based agencies, SaaS marketing has got its agencies around the world. Either it is a sustainable situation or living in a pandemic world, you may have witnessed that the future is here for remote working. As a SaaS or Software as a Service is connected to a remote mindset of using software, you will find it the most efficient one along with a bigger growth landscape. 

As a result, it is the best possible time, we require to adopt SaaS. From small or mid-sized businesses to even top-tier business companies, adopting SaaS solutions is a crying need. It is expected in 2021 that SaaS is going to be an inevitable component of transformation in the business aspects. 

So, if you are searching for a SaaS marketing agency for your versatile business projects, countless agencies are popping up here. But with the proper acknowledgment of what you are asking, what your business may transfer into, etc., SaaS things will be much helpful for your overall satisfaction. 

Besides, the firms you will find out, are capable of providing specialized software-based works, and a lot more. Meanwhile, they can accelerate your business in multiple fields such as providing equipment for software growth, utilizing different strategies & tactics. These can be the crucial factors for the flourishing of SaaS products.

SaaS Content Marketing


Well, the production of contents is so vital to whatever you are serving. What it can actually bring to our society, impact to the customers, all are the equal concerns, aren’t there? But without letting them know your business, its policy, services, and products, things can still stay as complex and hard. 

So, content production has always been such a powerful component in a SaaS project. This tool is considered through which you can literally attract, educate and convert consumers. Besides, you can circle your business policy and plan with respect to the growth and quality of your content. Because, if people find your content attractive, useful for their needs, they will surely check your services out. 

As any content strategy stays in the core of your business planning and modules, there will be started popping several ways to create a fanbase or audience, consumers. So, aren’t you going towards your goal through content? Definitely, it is!

So, how should you start planning content development for your SaaS-based products? Though there are no specific gateways to follow here we go for having some tips that may bring you success. 

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Why does SaaS content marketing bring out significance?

The first duty of your company as a seller or provider is to let them understand what you are promoting, and how these products or services will make them satisfied. But there is no exact guarantee that what you are serving will be much appreciated by the customers. 

Start working or promoting by not thinking of these as this mindset will help your company in the long run. Expect from your delivering products, services, opportunities, it is always highly vital what the customers are looking for. So, based on fulfilling their desires, needs through your services, you can claim to have something better or worth in your hand. 

After making them realize or understand what you serve, you have to focus on increasing software awareness. Apart from solving different problems through software, it is equally significant to aware of them using these tools. As the customers can not get the software or relevant tools quickly without having a proper acknowledgment, your company holds the duty to fulfill their asking. 

As a result, they will get involved with the latest services, software that you have briefed in your content modules. These are the top reasons for which you undoubtedly require better content development for promoting and marketing your SaaS products. In a nutshell, educating your customers, making them your product aware, showing them how it works, what development it provides, how they can be benefitted, etc., are needed to be your topmost priorities indeed. 

Develop Customer-Orientated Content Ideas

Making your content engaging and attractive is not enough as you require to put much focus on their problems more. As a result, these contents will guide all of the customers while they are in the buying process and decide if it is actually good or not. 

Content creation that affects buyer’s journey

Content is nothing but a proper guideline and mirrors your products. So, you have to put here every possible relevant information that values your work, isn’t it? In the meantime, your SaaS content strategy needs to have a scheduled journey as you are running with the whole selling funnel. So, making synchronization between content and service is very much capable of boosting your business. Besides, helping your customers in each step will ensure them a sign of reliability. 

We may also find several SaaS marketers who actually are not very aware of providing good content. Avoiding each possible threat like less idea regarding the proper time can bring your content to the ordinary level. That’s why you have to be more clever to use these contents on the whole marketing funnel. 

A funnel is like a hub in the marketing world, where you have to push the contents, and other marketing strategies and spread every possible area. After that, the overall success of reaching depends on how much people do like your products back. As a result, top-of-funnel-like content will engage more people and bring them into the funnel. So, big companies always start using a full-funnel strategy by which you can execute better SaaS content planning. 

Building Awareness

Building a customer base is not anything but delivering your best content that will make them attracted and feel interested to buy, isn’t it? So, do not start focusing on only creating a fanbase or audience circle. You require delivering quality content that can pick more top keywords. While you are gaining the topmost keywords which are relevant to your working industry, these will help you to gain attention. 

Besides, you can also promote vast, engaging, entertaining, and educating content as customers put major targets on these. This step of content-based SaaS marketing will indicate your company as a savior or changemaker towards the audience. As a result, they will understand that your services can serve them the required products and services. 

Lead Generation

As soon as you have made your customers aware of the existence of your software, you are one step ahead. In the meantime, you will get a broader scope of engaging your brand along with having their trust. Utilizing MoFu (middle-of-funnel) marketing planning can be a nicer way to start. Besides, generating leads through serving full-free and high-quality content is a good alternative. You can also have led through email drip campaigns.

Providing Trial Registers

Now, what you have come up with has to be tested among the customers. So, start picking them for letting like your software. For that, supplying them with free trials will be a good choice. 

Convert to Paid Customers 

Once you have succeeded to bring them in your free trials services, you need to convince them for extending the service. For that, bringing them to your paid offers and packages can be the perfect solution. So, what you have to do is to focus on delivering content according to your paid service approach. It requires a much engaging and promising delivery that will gain the reliability of your company.

Customer Recognition

After letting them purchase your software or products, it is not the end of duty. Meanwhile, you have to retain the customers. For that, they need your help in each step of using the product. You can educate them via high-quality content so that they will get your features and tools. Besides, they will gain a clear idea of how to utilize it at the level best.  


A standard and efficient SaaS business model can transform your business by gaining endless business opportunities. By the time, several top-tier companies have been utilizing it for their overall business growth. So, you will find it widely accepted that it can help you rise by adopting it. Meanwhile, grabbing each opportunity available in the market and market demands is very tough to manage. 

SaaS models can assure your company by serving unique strategies and solutions. Deep inside, any SaaS products need the highest synchronization with high-quality content. As a result, reaching the customers will be much easier and faster. Besides, your customers will get the scope of getting the best value out of the products indeed.