Top Content Plans for Instagram of B2B SaaS Businesses!


Can you imagine a single day without the internet or even social media? As the world has become so advanced, things are now rapidly changing from individuals to business aspects. The success of your business in the long run vastly depends on social media. 

Relationship between your business & Instagram

Instagram, an social media platform focused on photo-sharing, holds over 1 billion users. Could you imagine how much potential it contains for your SaaS B2B company? In today’s world, businesses have been through the revolution of technology, awareness, and global connection of people.

As a result, you don’t need to execute complicated steps. For your B2B SaaS company, don’t ignore utilizing Instagram as it is one of the biggest platforms. Showcasing your products, services without a penny can bring you unimaginable success. 

As you want to get connected with your potential customers, your company’s Instagram account can keep them on your track. Apart from cost-effectiveness, a lot of essential facts that you can sum up by handling the Instagram profile. Today we’ll discover the content paths you should go for your best interest and reaching our goals.

Content Ideas

Better contents represent your specialization in social media strategy. Nowadays, more than 2 million advertisers run their business results and share stories on Instagram actively. So, let’s explore the ideas to construct your content planning on Instagram.

Highlight your product/ service

Products are the key concerns for any business to maximize growth. Well, Instagram is undoubtedly the best platform for showcasing what your products are. Let them know who are the targeted customers, what they will get, etc. 

This photo-driven platform will help your company in accelerating the brand value. So, try to captivate these benefits by describing your products or services. As a result, the presentation through your Instagram sharing holds much power in bringing new customers. 

Instagram allows regular posts along with story sharing, live, Q/A, etc. In this circumstance, enormous options you have got for planning. Lastly, don’t forget to list the benefits of your providing products. These points attract users significantly that increase your page traffic. 

Product-launching announcement

 Keep Your Teeth Clean. WPA poster.

To keep the customers connected with your products, you need to make it exciting. How can we do so? Well, we may get attracted through movie trailers before it’s releasing. 

It happens because these approaches build interesting concepts inside our minds. Similarly, businesses can get accelerated through focusing content planning about contents. Several benefits include that customers can get closer to it before even releasing it. 

To make them more interested, allow some discounts on pre-payment/ cash backs within a specific date, etc.

Besides, posting some special content on the launching date will generate more traffic. Moreover, you can start approaching through the countdown manner.

Employee Profile

Will you check employees, staff, or advisors, etc., of a B2B SaaS company for professional purposes?

Maybe, but mostly it works for exploring them closer. So, having an employee list can push your progress faster. 

The audience likes to have words from your side. If it is all about your company’s insights, they will feel more interested. The working environment inside a company represents so many things that are undoubtedly the key factor. 

So, start making content for your employees. As a result, it’ll help you to connect more customers who are interested in your job facilities too.

Engaging contests

Don’t you need engagement with the targeted customers? Some tricks such as launching contests, quiz programs, etc., attract more eyeballs. Meanwhile, giveaways can boost more through a new audience.

Well, what should you do? The answer is simple enough, start announcing your giveaways or contents regularly based on relevant products/services, topics, etc. Interestingly, you can add your company’s mission, vision, or other insights into those contents. 

Shortly, you will see the magic as they can recognize your services in a faster manner. Top brands, SaaS companies are already implementing this trick for gaining more brand values along with new customers.

Industrial event promotions

Instagram allows you a very frequent photo, story, live posting, etc. Meanwhile, you can have these options for gaining more audience. Undoubtedly, keeping the connection is harder than just gaining some followers. 

So, start posting frequently, and sequentially will pop up on your follower’s feeds. Besides, don’t miss out on the sharing opportunities while attending any industrial events. Events such as MoU signing, summit, etc, will let the audiences assure about your company’s standard. Preparing the content plan before attending events will lift the content posting in time with perfect representations.

Corporate social responsibility (CSR)

low angle photo of city high rise buildings during daytime

Apart from the mainstreamed work line, most of the top brands have a specific portion in responding to social works dedicated. It’s not needed to be relevant to your company’s work. In this CSR scale, you need a social engagement that seeks much attention from the audience. 

So, posting these activities besides contributing relentlessly can earn good recognition for your company. Will you overlook it?

Video tutorial/ podcast

Making videos can bring your targeted customers. Instagram has its own explore option along with IGTV, etc. You can upload short videos in regular posts and longer one’s on the IGTV. 

So, reaching out to the audience is just a matter of time. But first, be sure that you have a dedicated video making team who produce videography regularly. Apart from typical videos, posting tutorials of your products along with quality hashtags helps in bringing customers. Besides, starting a podcast with renowned guests, social influencers, etc., is a new way of making engagements.

Collaboration with influencers

clear glass bulbs

Every niche has its own influencers or celebrities who hold a large audience. It is always a beneficial step to start collaborating with them. You can’t measure your growth on the same scale on every social platform. 

As Instagram has its style and specific audience, so understanding that is so crucial to pleasing them. Presenting your content through Instagram influencers is experimentally ascertained to keep the growth.

Final Words

Business to business SaaS model has constructed a path to bringing the software without any download to your company. Without having a good impression on social media, overall growth can face obstacles. So, proper content planning can lift your company to a renowned position. Besides, all of the necessary steps to reach there carries much significance by maintaining social media such as Instagram professionally.

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