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Best Video-Editing Tools

If you are carrying out a content marketing strategy in your company, the most normal thing is that you have also chosen to choose to create videos, and if so, apart from Instagram, the platform for hosting videos is YouTube. Videos can be a great tool to show more about your company or its products or services.

But what if you are not an expert in editing? To reach such a goal, you will have to know what is needed for creating video clips and what you can use for editing.

What is needed for creating video clips?


A functional machine for filming, but the most crucial part is the program to edit the video and edit the filmed scenes.

If you do not have a camera, you can always rely on a smartphone with an excellent resolution.

What can you use for editing instead?

Video making programs can also be quite complicated to use, especially if you need professional editing or even special effects. Let’s say that for the creation of video clips, you can opt for free license programs that provide simple functions such as audio, stickers, superimposed texts, etc. and more professional programs that offer many more possibilities such as special effects.

For the choice, if you are a beginner,

better to start with programs for creating easy-to-use video clips. What you will have to learn to use are the times of the scene compared to those of the audio and, by practicing, you will see that this will become easier and simpler.

Let us see what the best programs are for creating video clips and which ones to use depending on your level of knowledge and your editing objective.


FlexClip is a website that can be accessed without registration, which is intended for amateurs or professionals in the field of quality video editing.

It offers a sophisticated video editing service with many customizations and functions. With FlexClip, in a Storyboard mode, you will have access to fonts, soundtrack, transitions, accelerated or slow motion, filters, and everything you need to create excellent videos with a professional touch.

The cost starts from $4.99 per month for the BASIC plan, but if you do not want to buy the subscription, you can always use free trial (with a Flex Clip watermark) first and decide calmly.


Lumen5 is the tool that every digital communication professional should know.

It is a video maker explicitly designed for social media. It offers a free access section for creating standard video clips and a paid part with many pro functions.

Of all the video editing and editing tools, this is an excellent choice. is another indispensable tool for those who promote their business online.

It is straightforward and, at the same time, a very sophisticated video editor. Choose it if you must produce videos for marketing on social networks.

Promo also offers the possibility to do a free trial, so, in indecision, it is better to take advantage of it.


Camtasia allows you to create videos of the highest quality by recording directly from your screen via the webcam in addition to the editor section.

Camtasia is the best tool that I recommend to those who monetize online through tutorials and video presentations of activities that take place directly on the screen.

It also offers a thirty-day free trial within which to decide whether to activate the subscription.

Adobe Premiere

Premiere is the most popular video editing program.

It is an expensive professional software that usually only one major reality and freelance engaged in video content marketing. With the editor, you can edit the loaded clips, the speed, the audio, and the color effects, as well as adding texts and images.

It is a timeline software for real-time editing produced by Adobe.

Final words

Video clip creation is, in a certain sense, a simple operation which, thanks to the tools I have listed, takes place in a few clicks. To gain experience, however, it takes a lot of practice and some study.

Finally, what you need to make excellent videos is a good resolution of the footage as well as an essential dose of creativity. Creativity is not an exclusive value that belongs to a few individuals but an elastic mental characteristic that grows with training, dedication, and practice. The best way to train it is always to be inspired by the best by observing their work and the study required to achieve it. All this, of course, without ever copying.


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