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Whether small or big, every company uses cloud technology rather than using the same old pricey equipment with high maintenance. The benefits of the cloud are endless. The traditional PBX phone system was a private network system within the companies that uses expensive equipment and enables only a few phone lines. There was also a need to update it regularly, and it also increases its cost.

Therefore, businesses started using the hosted phone system, which has many attractive benefits. Hosted Phone systems do not use a private network but an outside service provider like VOIP services. VOIP phone system has several advanced phone features.

What is a Hosted Phone system?

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The hosted phone system is a system that operates using an internet connection. There are two leading hosted PBX platforms available, and you can choose from either of them-

Cloud-hosted phone systems

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In this phone system, all the phones connect to the outside VOIP data center. Cloud PBX phone system has essential features that your modern business needs to have like voice mail, conference calls, auto attendants, video conferencing, etc. It is one of the easiest PBX platforms.

PBX SIP Trunking

In this phone system, your old PBX system also works, and the backhauls are made through the VOIP based trunk using all the external lines.

Some of the Great Features of Hosted Phone Systems are-

  • Auto Attendant
  • Super Call Quality
  • Security and Reliability
  • Voice mail to email
  • Video Conferencing
  • Call Recording
  • Real-Time Analytics

Benefits of Hosted Phone system

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Understand the need to use the hosted phone system in your business and then implement it later. Here we have created a list of advantages that will help you in switching to hosted phone systems-


Save cost in your business by using the hosted phone system rather than a traditional phone system. The cost of installation and operating this phone system is significantly less. There is no upfront equipment charge involved in the hosted PBX phone system.

The extra charges related to using the business phone system vanish when you use the hosted PBX phone systems. No additional phone connection lines are required from a local phone service provider because all phones run through an internet connection.

Another advantage of using the hosted phone system is that you can handle virtually any phone calls. The support cost is a merger because the system is monitored remotely. Even international calling is significantly cheaper in this phone system.

Very Easy To install

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Setting up a traditional phone system can take a long time but setting up a hosted phone system is very easy and takes very little time. The installation and setup of a cloud-based hosted phone system are straightforward because it takes place online, and you don’t need to go or call someone from the service provider.

IT offers Unified Communications

the unified communication platforms help you to communicate both internally and externally using one tool. All the teams in your office, like the customer support team, sales team, etc., can communicate effectively over this hosted phone system. There are many more beautiful features provided by the service provider other than just making phone calls. You can message your team members, host video conferences, call your customers using the same hosted phone systems.


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Several call features can make your team more productive, like auto-attendant acting as a virtual receptionist that greets the customers and routes them to the right mailbox 24*7. Every business can custom create the routing plan according to their business needs.

You can easily manage your system using a web browser or an app. The company’s marketing efforts are also improved using the hosted phone systems.


Adding employees to your traditional phone system was full of hassle. Therefore, it is a great idea to use the hosted phone system. It is essential to use a phone system that grows as your business grows. Scalability is the best advantage of the small business phone system. You can add the new employees quickly, and access can be given to the new office spaces using very little to no effort.

No Maintenance is Required

What can be worse than waiting for your phone vendor to come and fix your phone issues? It was a significant issue with the traditional phone system. But in a hosted phone system, you will never face any such cases because the phone system is managed and maintained by the services provider virtually, and you will face little or no downtime. Even if one part of the communication system fails, then there is a backup to it, and you can continue your work using it without wasting time.


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Every business is concerned about the security of the phone system, and its cost is very high. There are hackers everywhere, and they can imitate your phone system at any time and take over your data. You will never face this issue in hosted phone system because the service providers always offer an extra layer of protection. There is strong encryption to provide security from hackers. Moreover, all the hardware is present in the secure data centers and monitored using advanced software systems to detect any additional problems.

Automatic upgrades

All the software and hardware related support by the professionals who are working remotely. Therefore, all the changes can be made immediately related to software updates. The upgrades are automatic in the hosted phone system and will never cause any disruption in your work.


A hosted system is an excellent asset for many businesses, small or big. They offer flexibility, excellence, reliability, support, low maintenance, scalability, cost savings, etc. By using hosted phone systems, the business can focus on more critical activities.

The hosted phone system improves client and employee communications and increases productivity. No doubt hosted phone system offers numerous benefits, and it is a great way to move forward. Days are gone using the old copper wires for joining the phone systems around your office and regularly monitoring them for any issues. Therefore switch to the hosted phone system for adding these advanced features to your business systems.

Always seek a professional business phone service provider’s advice before switching to this system and choose the service provider wisely, keeping into consideration all your business needs. Always remember to check that your new phone system offers advanced phone features.