MUSKLY Digital does not capture and store any personal information about individuals using this website. In instances where personal information has been given voluntarily, or an inquiry has been made, it may be used to contact you periodically, to inform you of our latest products, services, and events or to contact you directly.

All information provided voluntarily is used exclusively by MUSKLY Digital; we do not sell, trade, or transfer our data to any third parties unless express consent is given. If you would like to exercise your right to know about the personal information MUSKLY Digital hold about you, have this data corrected, or deleted, then please address any data protection inquiries in writing directly to our office.



As part of respecting the privacy of our website visitors, we do not use any cookies that collect personal information about you. By using and browsing the MUSKLY Digital website you are giving consent for cookies to be used according to our policy. If you do not consent to cookies being used, you can block or restrict any of the cookies through your browser settings or refrain from using the website.

Details of the cookies we use, their names, and why we use them are outlined below.


To make sure that the website operates correctly and runs smoothly we use cookies that assign a session name to each visit, these cookies are removed on closing the browser. Cookies are also used to identify whether Adobe Flash is available or not for a visitor.


To better understand how our website is used and improve its performance we use Google Analytics cookies. Google Analytics is an analytical web service provided by Google, Inc. Cookies are used to collect information such as the time of day a visit occurred, which pages were visited, how long was spent on the site, and to identify the point of origin and any search keywords used. This helps us to provide a better website experience and improve its performance.

Google Analytics cookies include:

_utma | _utmb | _utmc |_utmv | _utmx | _utmxx | _utmz | _utmcw

In order to improve website performance further, we also use real-time tracking cookies from getting Clicky. Get Clicky enables us to understand visitor behavior in real-time, which is valuable for evaluating the success of news or blog posts and rectifying any issues with the website should they arise.

Get Clicky cookies to include:



To identify the search keywords that drive phone call inquiries we use Infinity Call Tracking cookies. These simply assign a unique number to a visitor so that if a phone call inquiry is made, it is possible to track which keywords led to the original inquiry.

Infinity Call Tracking cookies include:

Ictf_il40 | ictf_in40 | ictf_master


In order to allow functionality from social media networks such as Twitter and Facebook, third party cookies are used on the MUSKLY Digital website. We have no control over these third-party cookies. To find out more about any third party cookie it is advisable to visit the respective site and to review their individual cookie policy.

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