Manage your Social Media Business by Using CommEngine: A Neutral Review by MUSKLY!

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Customer Relation Management (CRM) is a must need service in today’s business. If you have an online business and Facebook is your primary platform, you need to manage your customers. Also, you might require running campaigns and other marketing activities. People spend a quality amount of money on those activities. Here comes the CRM. There are different platforms available on the internet from where people are getting these services. But, as a Bangladeshi business owner, you might face some issues.

So, we’d think this CRM that has made in Bangladesh, will be a perfect need for you as a business owner (Especially Facebook Page Focused) from Bangladesh!

Business environment and strategies differ from country to country, so does the CRM.

Here comes the CommEngine!



Having all the necessary features, CommEngine will give you everything you need to manage your business. It will cover all the social activities, including different advertisement campaigns, customer database, re-targeting, CRM tools, etc. Luckily, you get all the things at one place within an amazing dashboard like this.



CommEngine CRM initial view!


After clicking on the rectangle menu bar (the image above) you’ll see the dashboard like the image below-   


CommEngine CRM main dashboard view!


Where you have got the access to set up your business like your homepage with administrative power by managing your users, their access, their roles to this system and lots more. You can also see the audit report and can export them into an Excel sheet!


See audit report by exporting as an Excel sheet!


Well, they are committed to bringing the highest RoI from the social platform. Also, it will create long term customer acquisition.

In a nutshell, you can control and manage your business efficiently by using CommEngine social CRM.

It has some excellent features that we are going to describe below. CommEngine has started its journey with some skilled workers. They are all professionals in different fields. So, you can expect to get a world-class service. After that, CommEngine’s packages are quite budget-friendly.

Being based on Bangladesh, you will get your desired social CRM services at an affordable price range.



They have different packages. You can choose the best-suited one for your business. Indeed, it’s a good deal to use CommEngine social CRM services.

Let’s look at CommEngine’s key features.

Automated Customer List


Image Credit- CommEngine


After connecting your Facebook Business Page, you will get all your active audience in CommEngine Social CRM. This will save you time, extra effort as well and help you to be focused within your business; what’s going on through your business! This is an excellent feature you might look for. As a result, you will have all your customers in one place.

Real-Time Chatbot


Image Credit by CommEngine!


Realtime Messenger and webchat are available to manage your customer quickly and effectively. Besides, you can control and manage your customer from one central place. At the same time, automated messages will surely add value to your customer experience. You can quickly and instantly answer their queries and sell your products.

Messenger Campaign:


Image Credit- CommEngine


There are different kinds of campaigns available, but the messenger campaign is one of the most significant ones.

However, CommEngine offers you an updated platform to do that efficiently and effectively. Also, you can always track your campaign. By this, you will get in touch with your customer through messenger. If you want, you can only target your regular customer and inform them about your new products or services.

Manage Your Customer Comment


Image Credit- CommEngine


Another most useful part of the online business over on Facebook. You always get comments from your customer on different posts and campaigns. CommEngine CRM will give a place to manage your customer comments easily. It will increase your proficiency as well. There is also a great feature to help you not to miss any single query from your customer. This CRM will make sure you have everything that your customer writes or ask in the comment section.

Categories Customers


Image Credit- CommEngine


If you have many customers, they might be different. Some may be your regular customers, and some may be new and other different types of customers. And, here comes the customer segmentation part. CommEngine CRM will help your categories of your customers. You can use some tags to do that. After that, you will effectively and efficiently manage your customer. Eventually, it will help you to make a better customer relationship.

Better Decision Making


Image Credit- CommEngine Dashboard


You will find a user-friendly dashboard there. It will give you all the data and information about your business along with the customer insights. The success of a business depends on better decisions by analyzing appropriate data. Every day, you need to make some new business decisions, but if you have real-time data, you will end up making some excellent resolution.

Ultimately, your business will grow up, and profit will be maximized.

Run Digital Marketing Campaign or Boosting your business using this CRM!


Image Credit- CommEngine


This is the most challenging part. Frequently, you will need to boost up your social page or any sales content or post. But, as it requires the right amount of money, you need to do it correctly and professionally. Otherwise, your hard-earned money will go in vain. But, here stands out the CommEngine. They will provide you with the most effective way to do your boosting. Experts are waiting to help you out. So no worries!

Real Industry Experts

There are experts in different fields. You will get help from the experts and professionals of CommEngine. They have many experts, including social media advertiser, UX Designer, Software Engineer, Web Designer, and so on. Therefore, you will get all kinds of business solutions from a group of skilled and professional experts.

What solution will you get from CommEngine?

If you have an E-Commerce business or an Agency, you will get all the solutions and support from the CommEngine. From the campaign to re-targeting, you will find all the professional services from them.

Apart from that, you will get the customer supports whenever you need it. And they have amazing features for you. That is manual helping and managing your business. This means you will get help manually, and the experts will also handle your business-related services. This is the most significant benefit you will ever get. And a human can handle the business issues far better than a robot.

Based on your existing business plan, you will get further instructions and suggestions from the on-field professionals. Therefore, you will get the best services.

Furthermore, CommEngine is based on Bangladesh. This is why we love it! So, it has all the strategies that are necessary to do a thriving business here.

At the same time, all the experts are from Bangladesh. So, they know the business environment very well. Eventually, you will get some social experts and their service in one place without paying any extra bucks.

Final Verdict

Now you have some excellent ideas about the CommEngine. If you want to explore more, go to their website today. Also, if you want, you can register freely and run a free campaign as well. This is a fantastic way to give their service a try. Request and Try their demo today!

If you want a complete package for managing your social platform, this CRM gonna be the best option for your Facebook focused business. As we described before, they have some excellent features and facilities to manage your social platform to bring the highest social RoI.

Therefore, CommEngine will be the best platform to give you all the CRM services and help to expand your business.


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