How to Create Engaging Videos for Social Media?


In recent years one of the most established trends of web marketing is the use of videos to create engaging content, which can trigger viral sharing mechanisms. In particular, knowing how to create this type of visual content for social media is essential for successful video marketing.

What led to the progressive escalation of video publishing was a gradual path. Over the years, their presence has grown to become the dominance of the main social networks. The reason for this success is their extreme ease of use, which is well suited to the speed of viewing content on social media, in particular from mobile devices.

However, creating a video is not enough to have immediate and sure success in terms of visibility. For video content to involve as many users as possible on social networks, it is necessary to respect specific criteria and pay attention to certain details.

Know the reasons for a video’s success!


The reasons for the success of a video in terms of a number of views, comments, and shares are the expression of certain characteristics, such as the ability to the intrigue that pushes the user to click play and the ability to keep the viewer’s attention high up at the end. For a video to be shared, the user must benefit from doing it, managing to get a return in terms of appreciation from his friends. If we can understand the reasons why our most successful videos have achieved so much success, we will be able to produce others with similar characteristics, which are likely to have the same success. Create social media content today!

Produce short videos!

Longer videos will certainly lose viewers during viewing. Videos with a very long duration manage to achieve lower engagement levels than shorter ones. On average, on most social platforms, the optimal length is about one minute. Even concise videos, 15 seconds long, can be very pleasing to users.

Focus the video message!

Since to get more involvement, you need to create a short video, identifying the message you intend to send is essential. You cannot choose multiple themes. Otherwise, the viewer will not understand the meaning of the video. Better to focus on a single message and present it in an appealing way.

Pay attention to the first 7 seconds of the video!


It is the first seven seconds of the video that determines whether a user will continue to view it or decide to abandon it. So the first few seconds of our content must be prepared with particular care. During that time, it is necessary to be able to communicate the message you intend to give and to entice the user regarding the continuation of the vision.

Insert a call-to-action in the video!

Call to actions are used to invite users to a specific action. They can also be used in the video to encourage viewers to share and comment.

Telling Stories!


A trump card to make a video engaging is to communicate the message through a story, with the story of the resolution of a particular conflict. Thanks to the story, the emotional aspect will be more present, managing to inspire and deeply touch the user, pushing him to share and interact. You may read out; how we’d build our story- MUSKLY’s story!

At last, if you’re still looking for the best overall video maker, we recommend FlexClip, which allows you to resize, crop, join or make other changes to your original videos. It is an online program that uses images, small videos, and audio files to help you create videos easily and quickly. With an intuitive interface, everyone, from beginners to experts, will be able to take part in the fun and create amazing videos with FlexClip.

The free version of this online tool will add a watermark to the video, but it is easy to use and is an excellent option to touch up your videos for social media easily.


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