The Top Tech-based PR Agencies- Accelerating Your Business Growth!


Money can bring you anything, so does advertisement. But do you find advertisements and paid promotions effective enough?

Well, that is how the word- PR or public relations has popped up. 

What a public relation can do for you depends on the compatibility, strategy, and overall planning of a standard PR agency. So, by hiring a PR agency for your business as well as marketing development planning, you can not underestimate the power. In the advanced world, there are no limitations of connecting bridges between customers and business owners. 

Meanwhile, several companies have brought their identities along with serving the best organic mood of business, helping your business to grow more important. From top and fastest-growing businesses to even the Burj Khalifa, Dubai holds one of the best planning of business architecture in the world. So, let’s find out their top technology-based public relations agencies that have appeared to make your business bigger, smarter, and efficient. 

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LB is one of the most trending public relations agencies in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, that include their activities on the tech-based niche. This is a tremendous PR firm to bring you creative visuals along with emotional experience. Coming with extraordinary brand engagement capabilities, your business will have the option of getting in touch with their exceptional digital content expert team. 

Since its foundation in 2014, LB has started working on lifestyle and its inspiration. Meanwhile, they have targeted their core duties in furnishing this field. Besides, you will find here an energetic and dedicated team that is condensed all of the focus to make your company more engaging and ready for the future. At the same time, LB has the expertise in personal or individual branding, content-based progression, overall marketing, alongside public relations. 

As this public relations firm is highly compatible in combining ideas along with the advanced usage of technology, you will get enough freedom to be more creative and turn these into reality. As a result, you will be able to prepare your brands accelerated along with providing sustainable growth. Besides, having an intense and extended industrial experience, you can utilize their expertise in a well-organized manner.

Key operations

If your company belongs to IT, education, healthcare, finance, retailing, hospitality, etc., then LB can be the best option for you. Bringing several data research strategies along with their team working mentality, creativity, passion, all are efficient components for them. These are the main keys to having success as a client or even partner. Meanwhile, they have the ability to empower your products or services into a user-acceptable, popular one.

Their operations get executed by the below-mentioned departments. 

-Learning & Development (L&D)

-Content Design & Development (CODD)

-Content Technology & Digital Marketing (CTDM)

-Public Relations & Corporate Social Responsibility

-Customer Experience Design Consultancy (CXDC)

Key focuses

1. Working approach

Focusing on the ongoing activities is their main concern; they are committed to do so more than planning. These envisioned services keep your business growth along with mission and vision ahead. Besides, a healthy working approach always balances a good relationship between agency and hirer. 

2. Easy solution

They do not just consider brand new and fresh contents to deliver. Rather, they believe in quality so that bringing the best-fitted content for your business showcase and promotion is the key consideration. Besides, in order to add brand values to your business, they have got the expertise in integrating public relations, social & affiliation-based services too.  

3. Working with passion

Going ahead while keeping the deadline in mind is their specialty. Besides, they can provide you the best mixture or blend of all your required and asking details. So, seat tighter, you will have an optimal experience with them, won’t you? 

4. Eliciting client activity

Alongside making websites, branding promotions, and overall content planning, you will get inspiration along with excitements. Focusing on building customer orientational experience is another vital activity of them. 

Sandstorm Digital

Sandstorm Digital comes with the best reliability for your business welfare and its overall promotions. Established in 2013 in Dubai, this company brings an exceptional number of tools that can accelerate your business growth in the least possible time. Covering its business and network in the Middle East, Europe, and North America too, it has been recognized as the fastest-growing marketing firm.

Meanwhile, you will get here an assemblage of digital marketing process that also comes with, 

-SEO or search engine optimization

-SEM or search engine marketing

-SMO or social media optimization

-SMM or social media marketing

-Content development, etc. 

Deep insights of Sandstorm

Besides, reliability and credence come with a company or firm while you want to find it trustworthy. Sandstorm Digital holds an award-winning position in the industry. Meanwhile, it is a digital marketing brand that is certified by Google. Besides, you will get to know its specialty in building the demanded engagement through its search optimized contents. These are very crucial components of having sharper and effective brand communicative strategies.

They are committed to providing your business more traffic, generating more leads along retaining customers to make them happier. Their approach of marketing, capturing traffic, developing business planning, all these will settle your company more reliable to others and have an optimal experience.

Most of the professionals do not understand that any complicated situations or approaches toward your marketing can not bring any real good. So, start pausing on there to show you some real engagement along with a fresh and organic online presence are the duty of Sandstorm Digital. As the world is full of online platform empowerment, even in business, this firm can be the best option in your hand. Meanwhile, it will direct you to have a smarter and constant improvement in the online platforms.

Moreover, they hold some unique approaches that include overall digital online marketing. You will solely like the method which can boost your company up in search engine marketing, research & analytics, etc., fields. The ROI (return on investment) grows up to 400% within a month of starting their campaign on SEM. Isn’t it so exciting? Well, let’s dig out their key focuses that you may find interesting and reliable. There are some key components that can change your overall business growth within the least possible time. 

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Key components

1. Strategy

Coming with an ROI (return on investment) based digital method or strategy is quite crucial in placing your brand more attractive and engaged. It also involves reshaping your understanding of market plans and other stuff. As a result, your business will get ahead of others in the long-term competition. 

2. Implementation

Planning is nothing but a note of desires or targets without any direction of implementing it. So, don’t get stopped after the completion of the planning and making strategies. But do not worry! You will get relentless help from their amazing expert team. Besides, they will always get back to you for reporting on results. 

3. Changeover

Several PR firms majorly focus on generating traffic. But hold on, you will get the reports on conversions from them. 

4. User-friendliness

As continuing a long-term relationship with them, you always do not need to be formal. Soon, you will find them much more user-friendly so that both parties can have profitability. 

5. Content Development & Copywriting

From simple content writing to video production or any useful component development for smoothing your online presence, Sandstorm Digital holds the capacity of doing great. It results in achieving much success in the long run. Besides, web development or even other unavoidable and very urgent issues can pop up in the scenario. Rely on them rather than keeping tension inside yourself. 

POP Communications

Working as an integrated networking agency, POP Communications in Dubai, United Arab Emirates is here to fulfill your requirements regarding business efficiency and marketing. Besides, it has become a popular one for its providing services like,

-Social media marketing

-Public relations

-Influencer marketing


-Digital marketing

-Visual content creation including videography, photography, graphic design, etc.

Vast fields of Pop

Reliability is a huge desire for any client, so do you. A better step to do so is to check out the portfolio where you want to contact. A positive fact that you will get a diverse and enriched portfolio in POP Communications. It’s a beneficial fact that can push your business ahead as you can find it reliable and trustworthy. There are several scammers out there so finding the portfolio and cross-checking it is very crucial in this field. 

Besides, it contains international recognition and appearance too outside of the United Arab Emirates. Moreover, their expert team has the capability in bringing every sector’s data-driven strategy into your hand. Interestingly, you will get here expertise in different sectors such as

-Fashion & beauty

-Travel & tourism



-Healthcare & wellness

-Art & culture, etc. 

Alongside its bold and creative ideas, it loves taking risks and challenges. A tech-based public relations firm is not only a consulting service provider but also keeps the willingness and targets of carrying your progression into reality. By building the best strategies according to your business requirements, they genuinely ‘pop up’ in the market, don’t they? 

Meanwhile, taking care of a large list including media, bloggers, influencers, etc., they have reshaped the path of approaches. So, you do not have to rely on the old and traditional approaches anymore. Besides, they offer a nice mixture of planning in public relations as well as marketing, you will always have the option to reach out to PR consultants who have several years of expertise in this specific field.

Cicero and Bernay Public Relations

From the Cicero and Bernay Public Relations establishment in 2005, this Dubai-based public relations agency can make a huge positive difference in business growth. Meanwhile, it has reached the leading position of UAE along with one of the foremost strategy-based communicative consultancy firms of GCC. It results via a sole record of the success rate of projects along with the number of satisfied clients. 

Meanwhile, they have got several fields in the bucket where you can get a handy and comfy experience with them. Such as,

-Communication Analysis & Evaluation 

-Content Progression

-Corporate Social Accountability

-Crisis & Credit Management

-Executive Leadership


-Inner Communication

-Media-based Event Management

-Media Relations & Training

-Social Media Management

-Strategic Network Planning

Activities of C&B

As it has an award-winning consultancy service worldwide, you will see its prominence and reliability in every sector of the business world. Meanwhile, the world has been growing so fast where you have a role to make progression on that rhythm. In this scenario, C&B’s team comes with traditional approaches to where they balance it with new and upcoming trends that are much effective for your business push. 

Besides, we can see several new social media-based influencers and their marketing have popped up in the plot. They are very well-organized to handle these. As a result, you will get a vast impact along with sharper research and insights. Alongside, producing innovative ideas, and relevant campaigns, you will find here long-term positive return on investment (ROI). 

Their expert team has the ability to empower your business so that you can implement integrated campaigns. Besides, they are currently active in Europe, Russia, the USA, India too. If you dive deeper here, you will see this agency has become the top-tier tech firm in UAE which has been named after the pioneer and famous founders of the PR world. Marcus Tullius Cicero & Edward Louis Bernays are the founders of this firm while they are being called the Father of Modern PR.


Being a part of a prominent business, it’s always challenging to express the potential of your services and products. The key impactful role, a public relations agency or associate expert can do for you. As public relations have come in the business world for connecting the bridge between your business and consumers, there are so many things that you can do via the power of PR. 

Alongside, all other nation’s PR agencies have been widespread, you will get attracted to see the top-tier tech-based PR firms in Dubai. Besides, a vast development is about to grow in the UAE. Meanwhile, you will get several promising PR agencies other than the above-mentioned PR agencies.

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