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Yes, brand colors are the real player within a brand that you’re going to create! Colors have the powers that motivate your brain to establish emotions, trust, and familiarity on human psychology. Thus colors have psychology!
It’s working seriously like 60 to 80% of a customer’s buying decision has motivated from colors. This is how your brand will establish in your buyer’s mind and thus your sales definitely increase. This means, the right choice of colors does not only strengthen the brand association, but it can also affect your total sales volume.
So, you’ve to think about colors within your brand.
This content is all about to explore how the psychology of colors can send the right message to your target audience. Your brand’s colors should be executed to the whole website, landing pages, logo, fonts, products packaging, social media, and other branding assets.
Just recall now any of the recent brands, that you’d watched! It may be on social media, billboard or TVC, anywhere! What things did you remember on those brands?
Colors right?
Well, blue seems to be the most usable color within brands, as statistics show up to 33% of the worlds top brands use blue in their color palates. Red comes in the second that using 29% of the brands, then Black or grayscale comes into third position having 28% of brand colors.

So, let see how do people love to respond in Brand Colors?

1. The Color RED!

Brand-colors -psychology-01


2. The Color PURPLE!

Brand-colors -psychology-02


3. The Color BLUE!

Brand-colors -psychology-03


4. The Color GREEN!

Brand-colors -psychology-04


5. The Color ORANGE!

Brand-colors -psychology-05


6. The Color BROWN!

Brand-colors -psychology-06


7. The Color BLACK!

Brand-colors -psychology-07


8. The Color YELLOW!

Brand-colors -psychology-08


9. The Absence of Color’ WHITE!

Brand-colors -psychology-09