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Md. Nazrul Islam

Nazrul Islam is known as SocialMusker (A Man Who Love❤️ you), a business graduate from AUST (BBA & MBA) is the Founder, CEO and #ContentPreneur of Muskly, a Dhaka-based Content Marketing & PR Company offering Content Creation & Marketing services, used by companies around the world. He helps companies and brands like ringID, SmartDataSoft, PrestaSian, TheTechNews, Syntech Solution Ltd, NRB Telecom, Hunteresting and others since 2012 in their Content Marketing journey! He loves to build brands online like yours and definitely with Content Marketing! SocialMusker is also a blogger for BuzzFeed, BoredPanda, TechnoFAQ, QuerTime, TheTechNews, and other publications online! :)


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