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You might have already known, how Content Marketing is growing through the businesses around the world. Every company or brands are transforming their presence into digital space and thus they’d need contents, yes obviously professional contents for sure. This is why this field is growing amazingly and thus the needs of intellectual human resources have also raising to meet the demand for Content Marketing. So are you ready to meet the demand for 2020? Let’s take a look and check out the visual contents of the coming roles of a 2020’s Content Marketing Team within a company or agency like MUSKLY! Let’s just don’t hesitate to dive in through the content!

1. Chief Content Officer (aka director of Content Marketing or Program Director)



2. Content Strategy Director (aka business, Governance, Structure Director)



3. Content Traffic, Project, and Planning Manager (aka managing editor)



4. Content Production Director (aka Creative Director, Format Specialist)



5. Audience Development Manager



6. Influencer Wrangler (aka Subject Matter Expert Manager, Influencer Outreach)


7. Technical Content Manager