Job Scenario to Get Better in 2020!


The world has become a victim of the COVID-19 pandemic. It is writhing in a situation of life and death and unemployment. No one had ever thought that their country would be at loggerheads with this virus that has swept the entire nation in its hands. Even though this year is experiencing the worst phase in its history there is still a ray of hope that jobs and employment will grow.

According to employment surveys, it was predicted that the year 2020 would erase unemployment. There are jobs in various sectors in which the companies are in work from home system. But there are such sectors that have had to see such a massacre such as travel and tourism and aviation sector. These are such sectors that have had a record of never dying down. But today the circumstances have made these industries see a major loss of billions of money and job losses.

The prediction of 2020 is accurate with the good news of employment but the growth rate has become slow in the plight of this event. This year is seeing an improvisation not only in the employment sector but also in curing and repairing nature and the environment. The human race is just being taught a lesson about their lives as well as the importance of the environment.

The many industries that have seen severe downfall and eruption are telecom, textile, and housing industries. But from this year the future prediction is expected to see a rise and growth in employment in Business and Finance, IT, retail, in medical and education industries. The automobile and consumer industries are have shown a remarkable improvement in their sales.

This means that even though the country is in bigger grief and suffering from the COVID-19 the quarantine period has proved to be a boon. It is only helping in repairing what has been damaged by the human race. This construction is giving way to more employment opportunities in the fields that cannot be challenged over the centuries.  IT, retail, education, medical and government sectors are opening so many avenues for the youth to decrease the rate of unemployment.

So if the youth is thinking that everything is over because of the current event they need to be patient and think in a logical way about the whole scenario. If the lockdown has brought unemployment and poverty it is also working towards creating more employment opportunities in sectors that want talented people.

Stay Safe!

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